Hotel Safety Tips For Holiday and Business Travelers |

During the holiday season many will stay at hotels some point or another. Here are some tips that will help you stay safe when checking in and staying in hotels on your travels. These tips are some things you would usually not think about, but a crook would pick up on and take advantage of you when you least expect it.

When you check into a hotel, where ever it maybe for business or vacation there are points you should always be aware of that can make you a target for someone looking for the opportunity to take advantage of you.

1. When checking in NEVER just yell out your name at the front counter. This gives not only the person behind the desk your info but people all around you. Instead check in with you drivers license. This is a trick crooks will use to con their way into getting YOUR room key from the front desk. Keeping your check in info between you and hotel staff. Make sure you tell the staff to NOT issue any keys to anyone else other than you.

2. Always beware of those on elevators with you and those people popping up out of nowhere. This trick is very old. A assailant will follow you in the elevator and when you get off they will hold the elevator to look out and find out what room you’ve checked into.

3. Have your key ready before getting to the room. Women or men that find themselves fidgeting to find here room cialis online usa pharmacy. key just as they are at the door of there room are prime targets. Crooks can barge there way in right behind you opening your door. This happens a lot more to women but someone trying to rob you doesn’t care male or female.

4. Never leave your door propped open even if your only going down the hall to get ice. This is very easy to invite unwanted guest into your room quickly. If your traveling on business your laptop, briefcase, purse or wallet can be gone before you even turn around to go back to the room.

5. Be safe! These tips are helpful but being aware of your surrounding is key. Have lots of fun visiting this holiday season but always be aware that you have to give them the opportunity to take advantage of you.

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